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Don’t click on the picture of Santa if your buddy IMs you. It could be an executable file that contains a worm that embeds itself into your PC. The IM.GiftCom.all worm is attacking Yahoo, AIM, and MSN instant messengers. I don’t think Santa would have any part of a scam like this. [Source Cnet via […]

Yikes! If you’re using current or older versions of iTunes and Quicktime on Windows or Mac OS, be careful of the media files you are downloading and opening. A flaw was discovered in early December by researcher Tom Ferris. Cnet sources categorize the flaw as “moderately critical” or “critical.” [Source Cnet]

Attention Firefox version 1.0.4 users, now’s the time for an upgrade, looks like the vunerability in this old version could potentially allow a hacker to run code on your computer without your knowledge. The attack code for this version of Firefox was published this past weekend. Those of you using version 1.0.5 or higher should […]