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Got a phone with Java? Then download the new Opera Mini browser and give it a try. Opera Software launched it’s new browser today to the rest of the world. The new mobile phone browser is supposed to load quicker and use less memory. And guess what website is the default homepage? I’ll give you […]

Really! Teleflip founder Guy Botham created an application that lets you send text messages to a cellphone from your PC email AND it’s FREE! All ya have to do is surf over to the Teleflip website and send your message from there OR you can just enter (yourcellphonenumber) [without the parenthesis] in the address bar […]

Need to convert your ringtone? Check out this new tool created by Unwiredtec, Inc. There’s no software to download; it’s a completely online tool. The converter does limit the ringtone to 20 seconds though.

Escape Ring


There’s always a “Bob” at your office, right? You know Bob, he’s the guy/girl that goes from cube to cube all day and talks your face off while you could be doing valuable work. No matter what you try to do to get rid of him/her, he/she sits and incessantly talks about things you have […]

AOL is trailing (timewise) Yahoo and Google with their mobile based web search, but the technology is a doozie in comparison. Yahoo lauched it’s browser based search in July (available to WAP enabled phones only) which uses transcoding to translate web pages for smaller screens, while Google delivers it’s search results via SMS, viewable in […]