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The Samsung i607 Blackjack is a fully loaded hand held device. It has all the basic features of a mobile phone and the added functionalities of a high speed PDA. The i607 is Windows Mobile based with Goodlink integrated for mobile email. It’s HSDPA capability allows this hand held to support XM streaming radio and […]

Here’s a video that demonstrates some of the capabilities of the iPhone. Remember the iPhone is projected to hit Cingular (The new AT&T) stores in June.



If you haven’t heard by now that Apple introduced the iPhone yesterday, then you’ve been living in a cave. I watched a segment last night on one of the cable news channels that had analysts arguing their different opinions on Apple and their decision to partner with Cingular. One analyst in particular was completely clueless […]

Motorola is finally getting in touch with their sexy side. First, the RAZR and now the new Motorola SLVR L7. The SLVR is the second phone by Motorola to feature the iTunes capability. (Let’s hope this phone performs better than the ROKR) With it’s sleek style and thin body, the SLVR reminds me of a […]

Mouse phone


In the “I doubt I’ll use this but it’ll be a neat gadget to have” department, we have the new VoIP phones that double as a computer mouse. To me it’s simply not a practical device. If I have my phone to my ear then most of the time I have my mouse in my […]

The Mood-Sensing cellphone itself has yet to materialize but the idea was presented during Motorola’s first MOTOFWRD contest. John Finnan, the inventor of the concept, walked away with the grand prize in the competition that challenged students to think “forward” in the mobile communications world. The phone is supposed to analyze and interpret speech patterns […]

Samsung’s new E770 mobile will have a special feature that enables you to communicate via touch sensations. VibeTonz created by Immersion gives you ability to interact with your phone. Hmm, now how could I use a this feature, hmmm, maybe to communicate with co-workers during long boring training classes, a “hug” for my hypothetical sweetie, […]

Mobile gamers weep silently… Nokia will no longer be producing the N-Gage device, however they will continue to make games for the phone. The games are great no doubt, but HEY NOKIA, the device itself was a break through for mobile gaming because of it’s design. I hope you crazy Fins have something else in […]

Quick update on my previous entry about the Dolce and Gabbana Gold Motorola Razr V3is. Apparently, the 1000 that are being produced are only being sold at Dolce and Gabbana boutiques in Europe. I think a few of these will some how end up on an online auction somewhere.

Nokia 7370


Coming soon… Scheduled for release in the 1st quarter of 2006, the Nokia 7370 dons metal and fabric trim. It has a southeast Asian look to it. This will be Nokia’s first spin-style phone, boasting a 1.3 megapixel camera (eh, could be better), EGPRS class 6, email clients – IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP protocols, and […]