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AT&T Unity


AT&T, comprised of AT&T and Bellsouth which includes Cingular Wireless, has created the largest calling community ever with their new AT&T Unity Plan.   The plan comes just three weeks after AT&T bought Bellsouth Corporation. “AT&T Unity customers can call or receive calls for free from any AT&T wireless and wireline phone numbers nationwide without incurring additional wireline usage […]

I suppose it really does pay to download music legally. Well in this case it did… Apple awarded their grand prize for the One Billionth song purchased and downloaded from the iTunes music store to Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan. Congrats for being honest Alex!

Could it be true that the PDA maker is being bought? Apple, HP, Dell, and RIM are a few of the companies rumored to be potential buyers.

Industry leaders have joined together to produce mobile games for multiple operating systems and phone models. By teaming up, the tech aggregate which also includes Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, and Activision among others, hopes to agree on a group of core mobile gaming capabilities that can be used across the board as a basis to build […]

Day after day I surf the net checking my usual websites and day after day I am amazed at the number of “Free iPod” ads. I decided to click on a few of the links to see what their “offers” were all about. After perusing some of the lengthy “Policys” and “Terms of Agreements” I […]



I’ve been feeling bad the past few days. Not sick-bad, but guilty-bad. Ya see, my friend M has a Mac and like 2 days after I posted my blurb about pretentious Mac owners M’s Mac crashed. Today M found out that all the data on the hard drive was unrecoverable. Even though it was a […]