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Pi Fans Celebrate on 3/14 Fascinated with Pi?  Check out this site – Links to Pi Pages. Advertisements

If you didn’t see this one coming you must have been blinded by all the copyrighted videos you’ve been watching on YouTube. “Massive intentional copyright infringement” is the claim, and Viacom wants over $1 billion to ease their pain. Let’s see who else jumps on this wagon… Check out the details on this story over […]

Data Storage


Pictures, emails, documents, spreadsheets, you know you have them stored on your computers…somewhere…right? We spend tons of money buying external hard drives and upgrading our memory so we’ll be able to save our data. But honestly, should we really be storing all of our data? I don’t think so. Clean your computer up every now […]

It didn’t take long for the medical community to identify a disorder related to excessive use of hand held devices, it’s official name – Blackberry Thumb. Check out this article over at Cellular News for more details on this newest addition to repetitive stress disorders.

AT&T Stock


Here’s a look at AT&T’s stock performance for the past year. Keep in mind that the Bellsouth Corp. & Cingular buyout closed on Dec 29, 2006. The cool charts are from T AT&T Inc

This cracks me up.



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