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Here’s a video that demonstrates some of the capabilities of the iPhone. Remember the iPhone is projected to hit Cingular (The new AT&T) stores in June.

My first Mac


I did it! I bought a Mac! Not just any Mac, but a Macbook Pro. It’s the sexiest thing since, since, hell there isn’t anything sexier!

Well, well, my MAC loving peers aren’t you guys just a bit pretentious. BBC’s Go Digital commentator Bill Thompson has some interesting things to say. Your MACs may be safer but they are not immune from attack. Muahahahahaha! Search Amazon for Computers

iPod Jeans


Uh huh, that’s right, I said iPod jeans. Levi Strauss announced they have specially designed a pair of jeans to be used with the Apple iPod. The jeans are supposed to be released in Fall 06. Levi’s iPod jeans are among an ever growing collection of accessories for the popular digital music player.

Nike has produced a new armband for iPod owners. Made for those of us with active lifestyles, it’s totally washable, but the iPod, not so much. Well at least marathoners now have a stylish yet affordale option to holster their iPod, which by the way holds plenty of music for their 26 mile trek. Nike […]