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Phone chair


Is this beanbag cell phone chair, not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I sooooo want one! I’m always scuffing up my phones or misplacing them. I think I’ll buy one or two or three for myself for Christmas. [Source –Cell Phone News] Advertisements

DUDE! This is awesome! Shiver my geeky timbers! This is such a practical device and multifunctional. How many of you go to work and sit in a cube farm all day without music in your life? Plop your Sony Ericsson phone right down in the cradle, blast some Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, charge your […]

Nike has produced a new armband for iPod owners. Made for those of us with active lifestyles, it’s totally washable, but the iPod, not so much. Well at least marathoners now have a stylish yet affordale option to holster their iPod, which by the way holds plenty of music for their 26 mile trek. Nike […]