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Stik & Stor


Coming soon…Up to 8GB of external storage for your mobile phones. With the new wave of phones that are resource hogs, US Modular has recognized the need for extra memory and has delivered the Stik&Stor. The small external storage cell comes with syncing software and is compatible with phones that have Micro SD or T-Flash […]

Here’s something you can wear with your iPod Jeans, it’s the iShirt. The iShirt is ONLY compatible with the iPod Shuffle. If used with the iPod Mini or regular iPod it could damage the hard drive.

I have a new crush… Are these beautiful or what? Wires BE GONE!

iPod Jeans


Uh huh, that’s right, I said iPod jeans. Levi Strauss announced they have specially designed a pair of jeans to be used with the Apple iPod. The jeans are supposed to be released in Fall 06. Levi’s iPod jeans are among an ever growing collection of accessories for the popular digital music player.

Germ Conscious


Remember when I posted about my “Phone Condom?” Yeah, well, that wasn’t it’s *official* name. However, I have found that there are actually phone condoms available.

Phone Condom


Heh. Really, it’s a skin case used for protection. Heh. No really it is. It’s for my Treo 650 and it has a belt clip, BONUS! I don’t think I own a phone that I haven’t dropped. Those pretty, shiny cover plates are all busted up because of normal day to day use, and the […]

Loose earbud?


Have you ever been driving along and your cell phone earpiece falls out of your ear? I wish I had a nickel everytime it has happened to me. Well, it looks like that shouldn’t happen again because I found the EarBudFitKit a couple of days ago. I have a Moto RAZR and the earpiece for […]

Phone chair


Is this beanbag cell phone chair, not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I sooooo want one! I’m always scuffing up my phones or misplacing them. I think I’ll buy one or two or three for myself for Christmas. [Source –Cell Phone News]

DUDE! This is awesome! Shiver my geeky timbers! This is such a practical device and multifunctional. How many of you go to work and sit in a cube farm all day without music in your life? Plop your Sony Ericsson phone right down in the cradle, blast some Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, charge your […]

Nike has produced a new armband for iPod owners. Made for those of us with active lifestyles, it’s totally washable, but the iPod, not so much. Well at least marathoners now have a stylish yet affordale option to holster their iPod, which by the way holds plenty of music for their 26 mile trek. Nike […]