Cable vs DSL


My internet service is down again, argh! I’ve had my fill of my ISP. The cable company that I use is very unreliable. This is the fourth time in six months that I’ve been without internet service, each occurrence lasting 2-4 days. I’ve made the decision to switch to DSL. First thing Tuesday morning I’ll be ordering DSL from my local phone company.

Good thing I have a data card, I can at least get a connection even if the transfer rates are a little better than dial up. I’ll be using the card for essential internet duties until my cable is fixed and/or my DSL is installed, but that is it. I’m too impatient for any extensive research or surfing.

Yeah, I’m a spoiled high-speed internet brat.

2 Responses to “Cable vs DSL”

  1. “essential internet duties”? but, but, but all internet duties are essential! Anyway, I actually came here to complain that your post got truncated, but in actual fact bloglines only captured the first, I dunno, 75 characters of your post.

  2. There will be no complaints accepted here…hehe. All internet duties are essential, I agree. I’ve been working on my new site…stay tuned.

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