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Mouse phone


In the “I doubt I’ll use this but it’ll be a neat gadget to have” department, we have the new VoIP phones that double as a computer mouse. To me it’s simply not a practical device. If I have my phone to my ear then most of the time I have my mouse in my […]

The Mood-Sensing cellphone itself has yet to materialize but the idea was presented during Motorola’s first MOTOFWRD contest. John Finnan, the inventor of the concept, walked away with the grand prize in the competition that challenged students to think “forward” in the mobile communications world. The phone is supposed to analyze and interpret speech patterns […]



I’ve been feeling bad the past few days. Not sick-bad, but guilty-bad. Ya see, my friend M has a Mac and like 2 days after I posted my blurb about pretentious Mac owners M’s Mac crashed. Today M found out that all the data on the hard drive was unrecoverable. Even though it was a […]

Got a phone with Java? Then download the new Opera Mini browser and give it a try. Opera Software launched it’s new browser today to the rest of the world. The new mobile phone browser is supposed to load quicker and use less memory. And guess what website is the default homepage? I’ll give you […]

Really! Teleflip founder Guy Botham created an application that lets you send text messages to a cellphone from your PC email AND it’s FREE! All ya have to do is surf over to the Teleflip website and send your message from there OR you can just enter (yourcellphonenumber) [without the parenthesis] in the address bar […]

Samsung’s new E770 mobile will have a special feature that enables you to communicate via touch sensations. VibeTonz created by Immersion gives you ability to interact with your phone. Hmm, now how could I use a this feature, hmmm, maybe to communicate with co-workers during long boring training classes, a “hug” for my hypothetical sweetie, […]

Well, well, my MAC loving peers aren’t you guys just a bit pretentious. BBC’s Go Digital commentator Bill Thompson has some interesting things to say. Your MACs may be safer but they are not immune from attack. Muahahahahaha! Search Amazon for Computers